A place you will never forget and always come back to!
Say hello to an experience that’s as bold as Tony Montana himself at Speakeasy, where the pulse of Scarface meets the beat of the night. Enjoy the night at our bar, more than just a place but an adventure, open until 5 am – the city’s after-hours sanctuary where the party doesn’t stop, and the energy never fades. Step into the World of Tony Montana as our themed bar takes you back to the iconic era, with every corner reflecting the charisma of Tony Montana. Sip Scarface Elegance with our crafted menu, from daring cocktails to exquisite blends, each drink is a sip into the world of excess. An amusing culinary experience by our chef Don Carpin and unforgettable memories will happen! Reservations are recommended, but elegance is always free; entrance is on us, ensuring you secure a spot in the heart of the action. Don’t miss out on the night of a lifetime at Speakeasy Spike, where the night is limitless, and the memories are priceless!

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Open until 5 am every day
Reserve your table at (786) 7779808
736 Ocean Drive,
Miami Beach, Florida